Mercatus School of

Mercatus School of Business offers world class education solutions in business and technology education. We partner with leading educational organizations worldwide to develop and introduce professional training programs.

Our commitment to an affordable education means we only invest in the things that improve our clients’ learning experience. We are dedicated to enhancing our scholar’s potential and enabling their success.

Mercatus is a Latin word for “market” and everything we teach are immediately applicable to the market. All our educational solutions are designed to deliver real life skills, starting and managing a business or succeeding in a corporate environment.

Besides, our name reflects our dedication to the ideas of free market, personal and economic freedoms – as we believe free market is the best way to organize independent, prosperous and peaceful societies.

This is our

Guiding Principles

Mercatus Academy is deeply principled, never losing sight of our mission. We are intensely focused on improving our collective future by advancing development of future business leaders.

We believe that clear thinking leads to good decisions, that good decisions lead to the right habits, that the right habits lead to character, and that character.

We are principled – we believe in economic, political, and religious liberty. We are dedicated to graduating business leaders and entrepreneurs who have a strong sense of individual responsibility and a willingness to invest in a healthy civil society.

We are disruptive – we are different from other education providers. We challenge conventional thinking, anticipating needs and desires, and championing novel approaches.
We never do things simply because others do, instead we develop different, more effective solutions.

We are ambitious – we are always pushing limits. We constantly look for opportunities to improve and enhance the outcomes for our clients. Only by constantly striving to excel we can realize our full potential. We never settle for “good enough”.

We are selective – we are exacting and rigorous, attracting only the most dedicated people. We focus our time and attention on the people and initiatives that are most important for our collective success. We are not suitable for everyone, but neither are we elitist.