tech mba


Learn How To Make Money In Tech

Learn the skills to start, build, and run a successful tech business.

Start Your Business

Our program arms you with the tools, skills, and judgment necessary to build a thriving business. In every class and in every case, you will be forced to make tough decisions that test your principles until you have earned the intuition of a master entrepreneur.

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Manage Products

What’s the best way to get real-world product development experience? Develop product ideas that respond to the business needs of real companies and organizations. And that’s exactly what you will do in Product Lab as you develop tech related products that respond to real challenges.

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Grow Businesses

Learn the tools, skills, and judgement necessary to build a tech company that produces a lasting stream of profits. You will experience what it is like to stand in the shoes of an entrepreneur who is facing the overwhelming pressures of growing a company, and take action.

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The program graduates will be prepared to work in various roles related to business, technology, and innovation.

Startup Founder

Chief Innovation Officer

Innovation Manager

Director of Technology

New Product Development Manager

Senior Product Manager

Product Marketing Manager

Program Manger

PMO Director

Business Development Director

Consulting (tech related)

Director of Research & Development

Technology Commercialization

Learn By Doing

Lectures, textbooks, mere theories, and meaningless electives? You will not find them here.

At Mercatus, we approach learning differently.

Case Analysis

Our immersive curriculum always puts you into real-life business scenarios and forces you to make tough decisions on the fly.

Lab Experiences

You will practice making new products, launching new businesses, solving growth problems, and making mistakes in a safe environment while working on real life challenges.

Explore Opportunities

You will explore dozens of tech related business opportunities, analyse different business models, engage with tech companies to understand the challenges they face and will gain insights that will help you in your professional endeavors.

Our Approach



Our approach is simple. First, we provide you with the world-class education: you will learn from successful entrepreneurs and business professionals providing you with step- by-step proven tools, techniques, frameworks, and strategies you can apply immediately to transform the quality of your life and a business.


Second, the program will empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learned, to create unstoppable momentum. You will not simply learn during the program: you will do. Our experiential learning approach will expose you to the same challenges tech startups and companies face every day. You will gain hands-on experience with real companies and learn from real-life challenges through our Startup, Product, and Growth labs.


We believe that each our student can change the world in a profound way. The road to success is often a lonely journey; therefor it’s important to be a part of a community of like-minded people who can provide support and offer resources. During the program you’ll form meaningful relationships with like-minded and ambitious fellow travelers, with teachers and entrepreneurs, with professionals and company leaders. This will empower you to keep moving forward.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Teachers with Battle Scars
  • Learning By Doing
  • Focus on Entrepreneurship
  • Life of Meaning
  • Not Technical
  • Financial Support

The program is designed for working professionals. We’ve created an intensive timeline that will stretch you, but will still be manageable given your real-life responsibilities. In other words, you will be able to work while going through the program.

Classes will be held in evening hours and on weekends.

Our teachers are successful entrepreneurs with battle scars who started small and through trial, error and perseverance, managed to grow their businesses into market leaders. When they arrive at class, they bring with them lessons from the real business world. Our teachers aren’t theory-driven academics.

All our teachers are:

  • passionate about entrepreneurship and technology; they wouldn’t be doing anything else.
  • successful in their field.
  • dedicated to seeing students succeed in class and in their careers.
  • adhering to high standards of values, morals and ethics.

Extensive research on the science of learning validates the ineffectiveness of lectures, yet even top universities still pursue this outdated method.

You will not find lectures, textbooks, mere theories, and meaningless electives in Mercatus programs. We take learning science seriously.

Our core curriculum classes are focused on cases, each of which requires hours of individual concentration and preparation beforehand. Classes begin with a “cold call,” a challenging question the teacher poses to a single student to open the case. What comes next is eighty furious minutes of analysis, argument, and fervent persuasion.

Our lab based curriculum provides opportunity to work on real life projects and learn by doing.

Our curriculum is designed by entrepreneurs and is taught by entrepreneurs. The Tech MBA program arms you with the latest tools, skills and theories necessary for building and growing a thriving tech business. In class after class, you will be forced to make difficult decisions until you have the judgment and insights of a master entrepreneur.

Companies cannot survive unless they make money, but life is about much more than just maximizing cash flow. Our unique Life of Meaning course (developed by master teachers from Acton School of Business) is designed to help you know yourself – your strengths, your passions, even your dark side- and to help you chart a course forward and blueprint those extraordinary things.

The Tech MBA program focuses on developing startups, profitably bringing new products to market, and growing a tech company, rather than the technical creation of technologies.

You do not need to understand how to build the tech or how it works, you need to understand what it does and see if anyone cares what it does. That’s not a technical question, that’s a business question.

Limited financial aid and fellowship are offered based on demonstrated need, academic merit and professional experience. You will receive a fellow application upon acceptance if you qualify.

Who Should Apply

Admission is highly selective. We select on bases of: your professional achievements, and your attitude (entrepreneurial spirit, passion, creativity, desire to change the world, and grit)

An ideal candidate is a self-starter, consumed by the big ideas that haunt him/her day and night, wants to be a big player in tech business and has a passion for technology and innovation.

Some digital experience is required – it can include activities such as digital marketing, design, software development, prototyping and other related activities. The candidates should demonstrate exceptional professional achievements, character and professional promise.


A New Classroom Experience

100s of real-life challenges, 0 fluff.

Textbooks, mere theories, and meaningless electives? You will not find it here.

Our immersive curriculum will force you to make tough decisions on the fly, engage your in a real-life challenges, and compel you to prove you’ve got the character it takes to succeed in tech business.

That’s what you’ll find at Tech MBA.


During this initial four-month period, you’ll engage in a series of interactive online courses – including cash and valuation, operations, customers and discovery – to prepare you with a strong foundation to take into the pit on day one of the in-class semester of the program.

Students typically spend about 20-25 hours per week with the material during Pre-Matriculation. The classroom portion of the program begins the next semester and takes place in Kiev, Ukraine.

Cash and Valuation




Life of Meaning

Career and Personal Growth

What’s the best way to get to get real-world product development experience? Develop product ideas that respond to the strategic business needs of real companies and organizations.

And that’s exactly what you and your classmates will do in Product Studio as you develop digitally-enabled products that respond to challenges posed by businesses and nonprofits.

Dreaming starting your own business? Or maybe leading technical innovation within an existing company? In any case, knowing how to identify and refine a good product idea, pitch it to investors, and bring it to market are essential tools of success. ​

Growth Lab teaches you how to identify and execute a profitable growth strategy, including how to attract new customers and suppliers, discover and execute on growth opportunities.

All our lab experiences provide great opportunities to connect with the local tech community and build relationships within startups and established tech companies.  Also, one of the key learning objectives are for you to develop people skills and the professional attitude.

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