Become a Tech MBA Teacher!

We are looking for teachers for our innovative MBA program in technology!

Why Teach At Tech MBA?


  • You learn and relearn the fundamentals of business in the process.
  • You know your success depended on teachers and mentors that invested in you.
  • You know the power and fulfillment of seeing students turned entrepreneurs come back five, ten, fifteen years later, living successful and satisfied lives.
  • You gain access to a community of high potential young people – future entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • You contribute to development of next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Requirements for Becoming a Tech MBA Teacher

  • Entrepreneurship and/or tech is your passion; You wouldn’t be doing anything else.
  • You’re successful in your field.
  • You’re dedicated to seeing students succeed in class and in their careers.
  • Adhere to high standards of values, morals and ethics.
  • Proficient in English.

What It Takes to be a Tech MBA Teacher

  • All teachers will go through initial trainings to learn Case and Socratic Methods, and our approach to teaching.
  • Preparing for a class might take from three to seven hours, depending on a complexity of a case/class.